Feb. 28, 2018, 7:54 a.m.
  • fixed share popup
  • multiple listing galleries
  • option to set default location tab
  • option to hide directions button
  • Listing Filter settings options
  • option to disable predefined filter fields
  • option to switch from select multiple to checkboxes for specific fields
  • shopping category filter field
  • event type filter field
  • travel activities filter field
  • food kind filter field
  • new WP filter: inventor_filter_field_type (applicable to event type, food kind, shopping category and listing-category for now only)
  • updated .pot catalog
  • updated Slovak translation


Nov. 2, 2017, 10:16 p.m.
  • option to randomize listing archive page by default
  • listing detail banner redesign
  • fixed issue at "Reset password" page
  • value validation of "Price" filter field
  • User listings functionality moved from author template file to Inventor_Post_Type_User class
  • Inventor_Post_Types::get_metabox_field_value() and Inventor_Post_Types::get_field_value() take $post_type argument
  • improved support for Facebook videos on the listing detail page
  • automatic Dribbble social URL from user nickname
  • automatic prepend of http:// to social URLs with www in the beginning
  • updated .pot catalog
  • updated Slovak translation
  • tooltip above "Share" button
  • option to restrict number of photos in listing gallery

New WP actions: - inventor_listing_banner_title_before - inventor_listing_banner_title_after - inventor_listing_banner_meta - inventor_listing_banner_actions - inventor_author_content


April 28, 2017, 7:49 a.m.
  • Inventor_Post_Types::get_icon() takes $extra_html argument
  • Inventor_Post_Type_Listing::get_icon() takes $extra_html argument
  • fixes missing colors in listing categories and listing types widgets
  • Google Server API key
  • option to show featured listings on top even if filter is filled in
  • automatic YouTube user URL from user nickname
  • inventor_metabox_allowed WP filter applied to social metabox
  • Locations widget
  • food kind field in own metabox function Inventor_Post_Type_Food::details()
  • filter result numbers are always shown if enabled in widget settings
  • fixed empty value for non required taxonomy select hierarchy field type
  • report section link takes title from its page
  • report form handle function checks if contact details were filled in
  • option to set default distance filter value
  • featured on top is disabled if filter is sorted
  • listing keyword filter lookup security fix
  • "nofollow" for website URL of the listing author
  • "Message from enquire form" refactored to "Message from enquiry form"
  • fixed deprecated jQuery functions
  • password value in registration form is sanitized
  • removed empty spaces from username in registration form
  • age field uses number HTML5 validation
  • related listings section is hooked into inventor_listing_detail_sections WP filter instead of inventor_after_listing_detail_social
  • users pagination
  • updated .pot catalog
  • updated Slovak translation
  • Inventor_Post_Type_User::get_users() helper takes $page argument
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_before_row applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_before applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_before_field applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_after_row applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_after applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_after_field applied to listing_map_location field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_type applied to listing_description field
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_options applied to listing_dating_gender field
  • new WP filter: inventor_filter_keyword_query
  • new shortcode: inventor_widget_listings


Jan. 31, 2017, 5:01 p.m.
  • option to show featured listings as first/on top in the list
  • Undefined index in class-inventor-post-types.php fix
  • current listing is not shown in "Similar listings" widget
  • filter automatically finds GPS coordinates if geolocation is set
  • Geolocation filter field looks up for regions only
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled applied in Dating post type
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_name applied to Shopping post type
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_type applied to Shopping post type
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_description applied to date and time metaboxes
  • new WP filter: inventor_after_login_page
  • new WP filter: inventor_after_register_page
  • new WP filter: inventor_listing_featured_image
  • .listing-column-image changed to anchor
  • fixed German translation
  • fixed iteration of non-array in generic section template
  • option to change listing author directly in the WP admin
  • sublistings/related listings (parent-child listing relationship)
  • option to hide sublistings from archive pages and listings widget
  • helper template section-children-listings.php
  • helper function Inventor_Query::get_children_listings()
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::get_metabox_field_value()
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::is_child_listing()
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::is_post_listing()
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Type_Event::get_timestamps()
  • option to set image for a location
  • option to set alphabetical order of listings in widget
  • pending listings count in WP admin menu
  • updated .pot catalog
  • updated Slovak translation


Dec. 13, 2016, 8:27 p.m.
  • similar listings option in the "Listings" widget
  • nightly opening hours (for example from 10:00 – 01:00 next day).
  • Inventor_Post_Types::get_attributes() takes ignore_skipped argument
  • inventor_compare_metaboxes WP filter applied to hotel listing type
  • WP filter inventor_filter_query renamed to inventor_filter_query_ids
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_title takes $post_type argument
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_description takes $post_type argument
  • refactored filter form template
  • fixed row/box filter switcher
  • Inventor_Post_Types::opening_hours_for_day() helper
  • escaping field value moved from generic template to core inventor functionality
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::opening_hours_day_names()
  • helper function Inventor_Price::format_price() takes $currency argument
  • refactored opening hours
  • address in map at listing detail page
  • endpoints for WordPress JSON REST API
  • Geolocation filter field works outside map too
  • new WP action: inventor_register_form_fields_before
  • new WP action: inventor_register_form_fields_after
  • new WP filter: inventor_listing_category_name
  • .listing-column-bottom-title changed from to
    to prevent validation errors
  • pagination in author detail page
  • updated .pot catalog
  • updated Slovak translation


Nov. 4, 2016, 10:52 p.m.
  • The Open Graph Protocol title and image
  • granted upload_files permission to the contributor role
  • option to define chained select depth using 'chain_depth' field attribute
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_title used for user metaboxes
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_social_networks takes $post_type argument
  • WP filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled applied to user fields and general metabox fields
  • default WordPress user profile fields updates when user edits his profile on frontend
  • checking of empty contact section in listing detail
  • phone field type
  • fixed accent in the Spanish translation
  • Inventor_Metaboxes::get_for_post_type() can take array as an argument
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::get_icon()
  • Inventor_Post_Types::count_post_types() renamed to Inventor_Post_Types::count_posts()
  • Listing Types widget
  • fixed rows/grid listing display
  • post type argument in inventor_listing_type_icon WP filter
  • fixed icon anchor in the listing categories and listing types widgets
  • field ID in the custom metabox section field title and content wrapper classes
  • single payment gateway is automatically checked as default
  • .mp4 class for video-embed-wrapper
  • added anchor to listing title in box display
  • option to set "per row" option in the "Listing Categories" widget settings
  • automatic Instagram user URL from user nickname
  • field ID in generic section template
  • form group class for each filter field
  • support of image field in generic section template
  • refactored filter form widget fields
  • Inventor_Utilities::remove_special_characters()
  • escapes and sanitizes user's first and last name
  • forced Reply-To in inquire mail header
  • WP filter: inventor_inquire_form_subject


Oct. 7, 2016, 1:24 p.m.
  • new helper Inventor_Post_Type_Listing::get_icon()
  • Inventor_Post_Type_Listing::get_inventor_poi() is deprecated
  • meals and drinks menu sections lexicon is not visible in the menu if food listing type is disabled
  • zeros are shown after decimal point in the meals and drinks menu
  • new customizations section: Inventor Users
  • option to show user address field as a country dropdown list
  • Inventor_Utilities::get_countries() helper function
  • Inventor_Post_Types::get_max_listing_categories() helper function
  • Inventor_Utilities::excerpt() helper function
  • option to set maximum allowed number of categories per listing
  • new strings in .pot catalog
  • dynamic meals and drinks metabox ID
  • author social networks in author detail page
  • automatic Facebook, Twitter and Google+ user URLs from user nickname
  • message about maximum allowed categories before field
  • rebuilded catalog
  • new shortcode: [inventor_public_profile_link]
  • "Select/Deselect All" buttons are disabled for listing categories and location
  • fixed taxonomy separator
  • .term-tree, .has-children, .children-wrapper and .children classes for taxonomy hierarchical multicheck field
  • added class .listing-detail-section-subtitle to h3 element in listing sections
  • lost password URL fix
  • new URL to Google Polyline Utility
  • max categories message is hidden in backend
  • excerpt of the listing title in the listing archive
  • custom fields of contact metabox are shown in listing detail
  • empty generic sections of custom metaboxes are not shown in listing detail
  • option to deselect icon of listing category
  • Inventor_Metaboxes::get_for_post_type() helper
  • fixed accent in the Spanish translation
  • custom section fields allows post tags in their values

New WP filters: - inventor_notify_about_new_user


Sept. 1, 2016, 12:47 p.m.
  • Russian translation
  • WP All Import add-on ready (
  • option to set map type in the listing detail page
  • settings shortcut in the inventor menu
  • lost password URL redirection to frontend page
  • location / region field moved from the bottom to top in the metabox
  • fixed German translation
  • fixed edge cases of chain selects
  • support for YouTube and Vimeo URLs in the Listing Video Banner
  • metabox and field filters applied for dating listing type fields
  • metabox and field filters applied for travel listing type fields
  • fixed listing type without icon in admin dashboard listings counts table
  • selected Inventor POI icon in admin has different color and is easier to find
  • opening hours status is not set for custom values
  • link of the taxonomy custom fields in the listing overview
  • custom Meals and Drinks menu sections
  • Inventor_Query::get_taxonomy_tree_value() helper
  • Inventor_Utilities::get_term_options() helper
  • site_url() replaced with home_url()
  • rebuilded .pot catalogue
  • address title is not visible if each user address field is disabled
  • fixed active sorting and order by filter button
  • filter sorting options in own template
  • fixed sidebar in author detail page
  • author social networks in author detail page
  • pricing table redirection fix
  • inventor_listing_attributes filter takes optional $post_id attribute from now
  • improved documentation regarding predefined fields and metaboxes (developer guide)
  • improved documentation regarding custom fields and metaboxes (user guide)
  • Inventor_Query::get_listings_by_user() takes new post type argument
  • alt text for listing logo
  • removed condition for Terms of Service

New WP filters: - inventor_field_type_taxonomy_select_chain_depth


Aug. 2, 2016, 6:49 p.m.
  • pricing table redirection fix


Aug. 2, 2016, 8 a.m.
  • Romanian translation
  • removed cmb_taxonomy_metadata library
  • map field saves address now too instead of GPS coordinates only
  • option to set listing category for specific listing types only
  • listing category color
  • listing type icon
  • alt attribute for gallery thumbnails at listing detail page
  • Inventor_Utilities::generate_hash() helper function
  • Inventor_Post_Types::is_post_author() helper function
  • option to sort listings by date (disabled by default)
  • option to filter listings by date
  • social connections title is not shown in user profile if there are no social networks defined
  • SSL and cookie fix
  • new strings in .pot catalog
  • listing category icon in the box listing template
  • listing category icon in the masonry listing template
  • new listing categories widget appearance option (cards)
  • listings counts dashboard widget in the WP admin
  • listing directions link opens in new window
  • user pricing table redirection fix
  • fixed empty FAQs
  • user avatar in listing author widget is a link to user profile

New WP filters: - inventor_order_query_field - inventor_filter_query_field - inventor_widget_listings_query - inventor_widget_listings_order_options


July 6, 2016, 11:10 a.m.
  • Turkish translation fix
  • Google Map Widget intercepts taxonomy term
  • fix of dropdowns duplicates


July 1, 2016, 12:54 p.m.
  • Turkish translation
  • youngest taxonomy child displayed in the filter while browsing its archive page
  • terms and conditions in registration form open in new tab
  • support for custom payment gateway action
  • meals in food and groups have own metabox function
  • users can delete their own media files
  • option to override translation files more easily
  • food menu image opens in popup
  • billing details are not shown in payment form if they are disabled
  • support of shortcodes in custom filter fields of wysiwyg and textarea types
  • reset password page
  • translation fixes
  • fixed social section title at listing detail page
  • car details and car color in own metabox functions
  • Inventor_Utilities::build_hierarchical_taxonomy_select_options() recognizes array as selected value
  • support for CMB2
  • updated Danish translations

New WP filters: - inventor_filter_query_meta


June 9, 2016, 7:38 a.m.
  • fix of initial chained select field value


June 8, 2016, 8:21 p.m.
  • Portuguese translation
  • default location field type changed to chained selects (taxonomy_select_chain)
  • users widget
  • colorbox for all images
  • link to skype:username?call for Skype social network
  • link to tel:// for phone field value
  • added http:// prefix for website in listing author widget (if not set)
  • fallback to generic filter field template
  • Stripe button visibility changes according to agreed terms and conditions
  • WP admin logout fix
  • new helper method Inventor_Utilities:get_site_admins()
  • improved payment UX for anonymous users
  • Inventor_Utilities:get_after_payment_url() helper

New WP filters: - inventor_listing_attributes - inventor_social_network_url

New WP actions: - inventor_before_listing_detail - inventor_after_listing_detail


May 20, 2016, 8:34 a.m.
  • German translation
  • simple banner type
  • default zoom of listing location at its detail page is 15
  • fixed empty value of some taxonomy fields
  • empty form values are not submitted (better SEO)
  • slug is used for location and listing category filter values instead of their IDs (better SEO)
  • currency in price filter fields
  • list of listing authors ([inventor_users] shortcode)
  • author detail page
  • link to author detail page from listing author widget
  • more social networks in listing author widget
  • social metabox has icons of social networks

  • New WP filters

  • inventor_filter_params


May 1, 2016, 9:52 a.m.
  • no more complicated widget logic conditions, use widget visibility options
  • sessions are disabled by default
  • inventor_metabox_field_enabled filter applies to listing_locations field too
  • opening hours for manual offset fix
  • if filtering by distance (on map for example), closest listings have bigger order priority
  • reCAPTCHA toggle fix in inquire form widget
  • fixed missing date placeholder in inquire form
  • removed filter- prefix from filter fields
  • price filter field use single value instead of 2
  • register, inquire and claim forms preserve data if form is invalid
  • listing author widget is hidden if author profile is not set
  • inquire form fix
  • banner type fix

  • New WP filters

  • inventor_visitor_data_storage (options: COOKIE/SESSION, default = COOKIE)
  • inventor_metabox_field_name
  • inventor_metabox_field_description
  • inventor_asynchronous_scripts


April 18, 2016, 9:22 a.m.
  • column listing display
  • listing carousel
  • reordered user address fields
  • reordered user billing fields
  • Danish translation
  • French translation
  • option to save sessions to database
  • Google reCAPTCHA support in register form
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::is_featured_listing()
  • helper function Inventor_Post_Types::is_reduced_listing()
  • fixed output of file and file list field types
  • breadcrumb fix for taxonomy archive page
  • category and location filter fields show only children items at taxonomy archive page
  • listing type in report notification mail template
  • inventor_metabox_social_networks WP filter applies for user profile too

  • New WP filters:

  • inventor_filter_query_taxonomies
  • inventor_metabox_field_enabled
  • inventor_metabox_field_attributes
  • inventor_database_session_handler_enabled
  • inventor_listing_special_label

  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_metabox_location_map_enabled removed prior to new filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled

  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_metabox_location_polygon_enabled removed prior to new filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_metabox_location_street_view_enabled removed prior to new filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_metabox_location_inside_view_enabled removed prior to new filter inventor_metabox_field_enabled


April 10, 2016, 2:43 p.m.
  • classes for filter sorting options
  • Google reCAPTCHA support in report form


April 8, 2016, 8:47 a.m.
  • metabox description in submission steps
  • submission system moved to own plugin inventor-submission
  • build_hierarchical_taxonomy_select_options moved to Inventor_Utilities class
  • automatic theme updates
  • person in contact metabox
  • listing categories, locations and colors moved from Inventor to Lexicon menu in WP admin
  • fixed default value of hierarchical select
  • reCAPTCHA support in inquire form
  • editing existing listing redirects to same page, not to list of user listings
  • support for rendering custom metabox using generic section template
  • label of submit button in the last step of submission is "Done"
  • Spanish translation
  • default location of the map field is whole Earth

  • New WP filters:

  • inventor_metabox_assigned
  • inventor_metabox_title
  • inventor_metabox_description
  • inventor_metabox_field_default
  • inventor_metabox_field_type for location field
  • inventor_metabox_location_map_enabled
  • inventor_metabox_social_networks
  • inventor_submission_steps
  • inventor_poi_icons

  • WARNING: update all inventor-* plugins at first and then main inventor plugin as the last one

  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_submission_listing_metabox_allowed renamed to inventor_metabox_allowed


March 29, 2016, 2:40 p.m.
  • fixed missing translation strings and phrases
  • PHP 7 support
  • option to hide user billing details
  • option to show featured image of listing in its gallery
  • option to enable/disable listing banner types
  • option to set default banner type
  • new user registration notifications are send only to admin
  • fixed missing category name
  • helper function for listing type name
  • italian translation


March 24, 2016, 8:35 a.m.
  • fixed quotes in slovak translation
  • automatic updates fix
  • date and time field representation fix
  • typo fix


March 16, 2016, 3:10 p.m.
  • refactored listing detail sections with option to override section title
  • taxonomies of disabled listing types are hidden from menu
  • displayed listing type in submission creation and edit and list page
  • submission works only for enabled listing post types
  • removed .po and .mo files and created .pot file
  • google map when signed in performance fix
  • hide empty description
  • payment gateway header radio button fix
  • listing types support for listings widget
  • breadcrumb improvements
  • fixed missing translation strings and phrases
  • slovak translation
  • improved selection of location
  • location filter field supports infinite children hierarchy now
  • after payment page redirection setting
  • phone in inquire form
  • Google Browser API Key setting
  • login and registration form responsiveness fix
  • inventor_listing_detail_sections filter takes post type argument

  • New WP actions:

  • inventor_listing_details_before
  • inventor_listing_details_after
  • inventor_submission_listing_created
  • inventor_submission_listing_updated
  • inventor_submission_list_row_actions

  • New WP filters:

  • inventor_metabox_location_polygon_enabled
  • inventor_metabox_location_street_view_enabled
  • inventor_metabox_location_inside_view_enabled
  • inventor_listing_detail_section_root_dir


Jan. 18, 2016, noon
  • several templates adjustments
  • better archive templates
  • multicheck and multicheck_inline fields representation fix
  • opening hours in widget are hidden if not defined
  • branding logo prepends listing title in detail view
  • front end WYSIWYG saves HTML elements
  • fixed remove listing action
  • fixed gallery css in frontend submission
  • preserving listing comment status fix
  • fixed general metabox values edited by admin
  • registration of already existing email fix
  • fixed redirection after new submission if review by admin is enabled
  • inventor_inquire_message_sent action after inquire form submission
  • opening hours fixes (timezone mismatch, undefined index, preserving WordPress time format and first day of week)
  • content-listing.php was split into section templates
  • listing type filter field
  • listing_type_supported filter
  • jobs moved to own plugin
  • small breadcrumb improvements
  • settings for default listing archives sorting and ordering: inventor_general_default_listing_sort, inventor_general_default_listing_order


Dec. 15, 2015, midnight
  • WordPress 4.4 taxonomies fix in admin


Dec. 12, 2015, midnight
  • user registration notification


Dec. 9, 2015, midnight
  • opening hours field changed to table layout
  • disable_post_types priority fix
  • listing categories third level support
  • WordPress 4.4 taxonomies fix in admin
  • field types refactoring


Dec. 4, 2015, midnight
  • fixed text_money sanitation callback
  • number of listings in admin menu counts draft and pending posts from now too


Dec. 2, 2015, 2:22 p.m.
  • social links for listings
  • reset password form shortcode ([inventor_reset_password])
  • packages moved to separated plugin inventor-packages
  • package metabox permissions
  • social metabox
  • jumping in submission steps (for existing listing)
  • billing details in payment form
  • text_money cmb2 field for price listing field
  • using inventor_claims_allowed_listing_post_types filter
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: renamed shortcode inventor_submission_payment to inventor_payment
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: renamed shortcode inventor_submission_package_info to inventor_package_info


Nov. 26, 2015, midnight
  • support for listing purchases
  • removed show_front attribute from metabox definition
  • price metabox for food & drinks listing post type
  • price value validation
  • max listings value validation
  • option to add polygon into google map at listing detail
  • fixed payment form javascript issue when there was any form error
  • terms and conditions in payment form
  • new package type definition: simple package / one-time fee
  • listing post types admin metaboxes refactored into tabs
  • inventor_package_durations filter
  • all page settings moved to Inventor Pages section in WP customize
  • when adding metaboxes to post type it is possible to add class like "Inventor_Coupons::general"
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: renamed customization setting inventor_submission_payment_page to inventor_general_payment_page
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: renamed customization setting inventor_submission_transactions_page to inventor_general_transactions_page
  • WARNING: backward incompatible update: renamed customization setting inventor_submission_terms to inventor_general_terms_and_conditions_page


Nov. 19, 2015, 3:19 p.m.
  • improved packages performance
  • hidden unpublished listings at archive page
  • custom fields
  • contact section in listing detail
  • required attribute for listing title field
  • login and register form in "not-allowed" template
  • option to automatically log user in after registration
  • messages template
  • verified field definition moved to inventor-claims plugin
  • some minor bugfixes
  • watchdogs price field fix


Nov. 16, 2015, midnight
  • listing categories widget show count option
  • property taxonomies moved to inventor-properties
  • possibility to set google map as a banner for listing
  • inventor_attribute_value filter
  • new admin icons
  • listing detail actions
  • fixed small template bug
  • proper display of email and URL in listing attributes
  • non existing plugin update fix
  • link to login page for anonymous users in not allowed message
  • listing categories metabox for all listing types


Nov. 13, 2015, 2:02 p.m.
  • default currency description
  • property post type moved to separated plugin inventor-properties


Nov. 3, 2015, 9:20 a.m.

First release