Custom MetaboxesΒΆ

You can either define your custom metaboxes in source code by following steps in the Fields and Metaboxes chapter or you can use GUI to create them in the WP admin in section “Inventor > Metaboxes”.

There is a also video tutorial in the Screencast chapter which can help you:

Each metabox is defined by its:

  • name
  • unique identifier
  • description
  • section flag
  • assigned listing types

Name and description informs user about its fields. Enter any declarative text.

Identifier has to be an unique slug (there can’t be 2 metaboxes with same ID and its value can’t contain special characters or spaces).

Mark Section flag if you want to put values of its fields into own section in listing detail page instead of showing them in listing overview section. Be noticed, that only fields which are marked with Skip flag are shown in this metabox section.

Assign listing types you want to enable new metabox for.


You can add fields to new metabox using fields manager in “Inventor > Fields”, read more about it in chapter Custom Fields.