Custom Listing TypesΒΆ

You can either define your custom listing post types in source code by following steps in the Custom Listing Post Types chapter or you can use GUI to create them in the WP admin in section “Inventor > Listing Types”.

There is a also video tutorial in the Screencast chapter which can help you:

Each listing type is defined by its:

  • plural name
  • singular name
  • unique identifier
  • URL slug
  • allowed purchasing flag
  • allowed claiming flag
  • predefined metaboxes
  • custom metaboxes

New Listing type is available immediately after its creation. New listing can be created navigating to “WP admin > Listings” or using Submission System.


After registering post type do not forget to resave permalinks. This task could be done by visiting “Settings - Permalinks” page in WordPress administration.


You will need to add metaboxes (and fields) to the new listing type using metabox manager in “Inventor > Metaboxes”, read more about it in chapter Custom Metaboxes.